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My Story

Imagine a kid in the American Mid West aspiring to just be normal ...I never felt that I 'fit in' but at the time just thought that everyone was that I felt. awkward and insecure.  I had a conventional education in science, evidence, and logic but this never resonated with me.  I was too sensitive for my own good and was always sensitive to those in need or less fortunate. I wanted to end pain and suffering for all and felt compassion and sometimes, so much helplessness for those people wanting healing for them.   Eventually, it took me down the path of becoming a massage therapist as I learned more about how energy is MORE real to me than the so-called 'real' world.  And I also learned more about my 'connection' to the 'other world' realms.

Then I had an out-of-body near-death experience that changed my life. A true blessing in disguise!!!  This experience was truly a Divine one and I had a realization that the way I had always FELT was indeed the TRUTH. That there are angels and guides around us always helping us as we go.  


It made me receptive to life and energies in a more experiential way ...this let me to dive into my 'work' headfirst and to learn and experience as MUCH about the energy and the other world that I KNEW was there all along, but now I had the experience of BEING there.  I had broken through the Veil!


I got my Masters in Science and Metaphysics and studied a Reiki  getting my Reiki Master as well.  I met the beautiful Sandra Ingerman who became my shaman and she was kind enough to take me into her shaman training program. Truly a life-changing experience, on my already AMAZING journey!

Now, as an  EMPATH and Spiritual Intuitive, I also do work as a  Psychic Medium and channel for people across the veil. All this on top of being a massage therapist/energy healer for 35 yrs prior.

Past Life Regression work is also a passion of mine and studied under Delores Cannon for many years....... 


My entire life has been a learning and growing in order to help people with their journeys here on Earth which can be a challenge in the best of time!

If we are not having challenges, then we are not growing!  It's important to know that we are not here to have a perfect existence but to grow daily in our understanding of Life Experience. I always tell my clients 'this is Earth School'  101.

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